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over 1 year ago

Comment field when muting and unmanaging

We would find it very helpful if a comment field were available when muting alerts or unmanaging objects. I send a report out daily of all objects muted and/or unmanaged. Being able to display a comment would go a long way toward communicating to others why something is muted or unmanaged.

  • This is a great idea for the reasons you mentioned. Below is an example of how to create a widget window from scratch. If you want to create it on an existing page start at the Add a Resource part. This will display the NodeId, IP Address, Caption, Is Unmanaged, Starting and Ending time. From the main Orion screen. Settings, All Settings, Manage Views, Add, Give it a name then hit submit. Hit the '+' to add a Resource, in the Add Resource search bar type custom query and click search. Checkbox custom query and click Add Selected Resource. Click Preview. On the Custom Query box click Edit. Give it a name and paste this code into the window. SELECT TOP 1000 NodeID, IPAddress, Caption, UnManaged, UnManageFrom, UnManageUntil FROM Orion.Nodes Where UnManaged = TRUE ORDER BY UnManageUntil Adjust Number of Rows per Page to your preference Click Submit Your widget window will display
  • Yes please, it'd be nice to have some in built functionality to have it tied to what user did it, and built in default reminder settings. Personally, on a weekly basis I'd like to harass people who mute or unmanage to update comments. Or even more management about maximum time you can unmanage or mute. Our biggest issue is people forget, and we manually have to poke people.

    There's way to get automated with it, but some built in stuff would be awesome.