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over 1 year ago

Change Perfstack chart behavior for missing data

Currently Perstack automatically draws a line between points on a chart in order to "fill" the gap where data is missing. What if these spaces were left blank? Or maybe (credit to KMSigma​) the lines should be dotted? Here's the mockups:

Current behavior


Proposed - no fill


Proposed - dotted line fill


  • On the old charts it was easy to see when the device wasn't responding. When the charts fill in the blank spots it makes it impossible to see when these issues are occurring and leads to a false positive that there was no issue at the time. For example on the old charts if I saw the CPUs suddenly peg to 100% then there was a blank spot I could see that an issue happened at that time. Now with it filling in those blank spots it just looks like a brief CPU spike until the next time the device is properly polled. This "feature" is actually the biggest complaint I have about these newer style charts. It should at least be provided as an option IMO.

  • Great post making the very real issue clear. Experienced users on cursory review may not see an issue and less experienced issues are unlikely to even know and both could make decisions based on invalid data being displayed.

  • This should be implemented. "no fill" proposition is already available in previous charts.

    However I would prefer "dotted line fill"


  • Not at all, sir. It's called strategery, if I recall. Just think, President Z issues an executive order mandating the Thwack store have... wait for it...

    See. It's simple, straightforward, and easy to accomplish. It's the perfect plan!