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over 1 year ago

Change Default Report Logo for All Reports simultaneously

It would be very helpful to me to have a way to change the default report logo globally, instead of one report at a time similar to how I can upload a site logo or NOC view logo

  • I have a Scheduled Task that keeps the images updated so that even if another member of staff runs config wizard the images will be copied back in.

  • Thank you  .

    , It does replace it, but only until the next time there is any update or change that requires running the configuration wizard, which overwrites my custom logo file with the original default report logo file and I am back to square 1. In addition to my Primary servers, I have seven AWS servers all running the website and logo monitoring is beginning to be more than a minor annoyance.

  • I think a fair ask, save time for the Ops people - they anyway have so much to do.

  • I've never tried it, but technically all the reports come pre-loaded with the SolarWinds logo, if you were to replace the SolarWinds logo on your website with your own logo it "might" replace that, but I'm not sure.