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over 1 year ago

APC Managment Support

Better native management of APC UPS and PDUs.  Also the ability to create and push configuration templated to groups of APC devices.  The ability to push firmware upgrades to multiple APC devices all at once.

  • We would definitely use this functionality. We're using another application just for the APC monitoring and management piece and it would be fantastic to roll this into our Orion platform and decomm the other tool.

  • APC UPS's are my biggest challenge to manage effectively.  Unless one has the StruxureWare APC application, one cannot manage multiple APC UPS's simultaneously.  Worse, we had StruxureWare and it DOS'd me and my network team with 500K e-mail alerts simultaneously, tying up our Exchange servers and overloading our Inboxes.  We dumped StruxureWare and are looking to Solarwinds to let us change configurations in bulk on our APC UPS's.  That's for starters.  

    Mapping where the UPS's are, associating their power outlets to specific Cisco nodes, changing passwords and snmp community strings in bulk, backing up their configuration files and alerting on changes to those configs . . . . 

    These are all things Solarwinds does well.  Just not with APC UPS's.

    Please make this one happen.  Soon!