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Allow Orion Platform Centralized Upgrade from Alternate Web Server

Considering DHS Emergency Directive 21-01, which requires (Appendix B, item 8), "The SolarWinds Orion server, the web server, and the database server instances must be installed on separate and dedicated hosts," support running an Orion Platform centralized upgrade using an offline installer from an alternate web server instead of the 'SolarWinds Orion' server. Doing so will allow the web server on the main Orion server to be disabled as per the DHS Emergency Directive.

and I had a discussion about this on this thread. Upgrading to 2020.2.4, I tried using the offline installer only to pre-stage files, then logging into the Orion Web Console via an AWS and triggering the centralized upgrade from there. Until the main Orion server finished its upgrade, everything appeared to work fine. After that, an error ("Menu Failure. We are having trouble communicating with the Orion server."Some of the backend services are not working properly.") appears, though the percent complete appeared to remain accurate. It would be good, in view of the DHS directive, to ensure this will work without errors.