over 1 year ago

Allow custom icons for nodes within Orion Web Maps


Recently with the new Orion Web Maps i could see a lot of improvements and it looks like it might be a great successor for Network Atlas.

It could be great if we could choose a custom icon for nodes within the Map, for example if we have a map which contains few different models for Cisco Catalyst switches.

In Network Atlas we have an option to upload our own icons and than change the node graphics to a custom graphic which we uploaded to the Network Atlas folders (NetObjects/Icons for Maps and MapsWeb)

I would like to have the same option to upload a gif/png/jpg file of the official stencil from Cisco of the specific switch model and then manually chose which icon to assign to nodes on the map.

In my opinion the possibility to create a visual live map like a visio file at Atlas is one of it's best options even with the many draw backs it have.