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over 1 year ago

Ability to Set PerfStack to a Certain Time Zone

Many of our staff have access to our Orion monitoring environment but there is often an need to share charts with others that don't have access.  Usually I can get what I want within PerfStack and then just screen scrape the chart and send it to them in email.

Not being in the same time zone as most of these people I am sending these to, I also have to explain that the chart is based on my time zone and so they will need to adjust the times by ## hours.  To top that off, I am in Arizona so, depending on the time of year, ## hours will not always be the same when I send them charts.

Would be much easier to share these screen scraped charts if we had the ability to choose what time zone we want the chart displayed for.  If you agree, up-vote this feature request.