Connected Mac and IP address report (UDT connected device) only for access ports

I am trying to generate solarwind connected Mac and IP address(UDT connected device) report , its working fine, however i wanted to include only access ports on that report.

Can some one help on this request to how to achieve this , since i have tried many options at solarwind but no luck. 

  • I do not have a playground to confirm this, but I would have thought a Node > Machine Type or Node Custom Property filter on the data source work.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks for your reply , this is completely related to UDT and interfaces, in this case I cannot get an option to sort out Node or machine type , however my request is, the existing soalrwind reports with the same name is helping us but I wanted to filter out the same report as only access port based.  

  • If you just need the filter the default Connected Mac & IP report in UDT category:

    1. Duplicate the default report
    2. Change the Title
    3. Edit the data source
      1. Change the Object to 'Node'
      2. Add the appropriate filter to allow the AP's only to populate report
    4. Save

    I have tested locally and this worked for me.

  • Thanks , I am bit confused , here my recommendation i need  Connected Mac and IP report for all access ports which are connected only for my Lan Devices(switches) so what filters can works here..

  • For all of our customers we create a Custom Property called 'Device_Role' for which for each device we will assign the appropriate value i.e. Core Switch, Access Switch, Router, Firewall, Physical Server etc. 

    With this Custom Property in place, you could then use this as the filter in your report. Alternatively any filter from the dataset that works for you. Above I suggested the Machine Type, as for example you could be in a situation where your rule could be Machine Type is equal to 'Cisco 2960' OR Machine Type is equal to 'Cisco 37xx'

    Obviously you need to craft your query to what works in your environment, but hopefully the above 2 options give you a good guide to what this may be for you.

  • Thanks for above suggestions , let me try for the same