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Need to create a report for SSID and total clients count.

Hi All,

We need your support to modify the below-mentioned script. We need to generate a report for the Access point and the total clients connected to these access points. We have created a custom property for all stadiums. so, Need to add a custom property to the below script.

SELECT DateTrunc('Minute',${FromTimeUTC}) as UTCDay, IsNull(SSID, 'N/A') as SSID, COUNT(DISTINCT MAC) AS MACCount
FROM Orion.Packages.Wireless.HistoricalClients
WHERE ((ToUtc(FirstUpdate)>=${FromTimeUTC}) AND (ToUtc(FirstUpdate)<${ToTimeUTC})) OR ((ToUtc(LastUpdate)>=${FromTimeUTC}) AND (ToUtc(LastUpdate)<${ToTimeUTC}))

Please do the needful on priority .

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