Reports to show all reports


 I want to create a report that will show all my reports in SolarWinds. I want to see the following:

1. Every report including native reports and custom reports

2. I want details of the report such as Name details frequency report is ran and action - ( Email to who or what DL )

I know its a custom reports using SQL or SWQL but I am not fluent in SQL


  • Getting Report Title, Category, Description, and Last Editor is easy.  The frequencies are going to prove a little more difficult (because they are stored in a crontab like format) and the email actions are even harder because they are stored in JSON which would need to be parsed.

    I threw this together as a starting point for your queries.

    I'm also dropping this here for my own reference if I need to revisit this at a later date.

    Orion.ReportJobs ReportJobID <-> Orion.ReportJobDefinitions ReportJobID
    Orion.ReportJobs ReportJobID <-> Orion.ReportSchedules ReportJobID
    Orion.ReportSchedules FrequencyID <-> Orion.Frequencies FrequencyID
    Orion.ReportJobDefinitions ReportID <-> Orion.ReportJobData ReportID
    Orion.ReportJobData ReportID <-> Orion.Report ReportID