Create a report

Can the added alerts be made into reports, and each type of alarms can be made into a separate report?

  • Hi

    Not directly but in some way....

    In alerts you can see the SWQL code for the alert trigger:

    Click on the arrow to the right and then "show SWQL". That code can be used as a starting point for a datasource in a reports. But probably you would want to add more columns in the datasource for your report.

    The other way around is a bit more complicated. You can't see the actual SWQL code in a report unless you created the report datasource in SWQL from the first place. So I would say you have to recreate it from scratch. IF you have the report SWQL code you MIGHT be able to use it in an alert if you do a "Custom SWQL Alert" but you probably have to adjust the query some to match the forced parts of the trigger query:

  • @Seashore thank you! I forgot where that pulldown was and have been looking for it :)