Importing .csv to get information on 1000 nodes.

I have been tasked with getting information on about 1000 nodes, I need to get the following information:

- Is it in solarwinds
- Is it up
-What is the polling method.

Is there a way I can import a list of nodes and get it to return the above information? 

Thank you!

  • A report for the nodes currently in SolarWinds showing the Status and Polling Method is the easy part. The Current Status of Each Node report could be edited to add the Polling Method. As for knowing whether nodes from an external list are in the database, I'm sure that could be scripted in some way, but you might also just export the node list from SolarWinds and merge that list with your csv file and then look for IP addresses or hostnames that do not appear in both locations. Hope this helps.

  • I would take out info about the node, status and polling method from orion. Export it to excel and compare it there with the data you got about the nodes.