Rollup Dashboard showing rollup status of underlying sub-dashboards

Hey all, so I have created some node summary classic dashboards to represent the state of 4 application services. Each dashboard contains the same information such as node status, mem, cpu and volume usage, network interface metrics etc etc. What we are looking for is to have a "top level" dashboard that reflects the "status" of the underlying dashboards i.e if three of them have complete green status and on the 4th, one of the elements is in a warning state - then the rollup dashboard would show DB1, green, DB2 green, DB3 green and DB4 yellow where DB = dashboard.. If this can be a modern dashboard that would be great but if it needs to be classic so be it...the goal is to be able to click on the status button for any of the dashboards and be taken to that particular one. 

Appreciate some guidance/direction on this and if someone has already done something similar...appreciate you sharing..


John (Dallas, Texas)