SolarWinds Report Scheduling & Retention

  1. What is the max reporting period for which one can schedule a custom report?.
  2. What is the retention period for the generated reports across types/categories?.
  • Logistically speaking, both of these are purely restricted by how much storage and processing power you can throw at this.

    Practically you would need to go into Settings > All Settings > Orion Polling Settings and configure various retention settings. For example our interface retention settings are:

    Orion diagnostics will warn us that these figures are non-standard, and could create large datasets. But we have specific requirements / needs for this and we accordingly have the appropriate processing & storage applied to cope with it. YMMV

    Anyway, the above figures will give us a years worth of daily (aggregated) stats for interfaces.


  • Interesting, I was under the assumption that the compute & storage power would be decided by Solarwinds based on a licensing fee for a specific feature & the infra being put to use like a typical SaaS product. Does Solarwinds not use cloud providers (like AWS/Google/Azure) for its reporting feature or other offerings as part of the Orion platform? Is it all deployed on prem at the customer site with the cost being borne completely by the end customer?. 

  • Ahh - I based my reply on our environment as there was no mention of cloud in your original response. We are 100% on prem but they do offer their products for the clouds.

    I can't answer your question for that and suggest you reach out to sales in that case.

  • My question(s) are more related to the scheduling window/retention which I believe should be answered by an SME who deals with hosting solarwinds applications on the cloud. Is there some kind of "report lab" or equivalent for the Cloud platform as well, if yes could you provide me the link for that?

  • If you want an SME then reach out to sales or your account manager - they would be best placed to help you.

    I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding, but to be clear, if you have a SolarWinds setup (cloud or on-prem) then you are the one responsible. It's not hosted by SolarWinds. You have an Azure (for eg) asset of a Windows server on which you could install SolarWinds.

    Again, I'm unsure what you are after with regards to the 'report lab' part, but will add that what you see in the on-prem version is, AIUI, what you see in the cloud version. So reports are available in both but you would manage and manipulate those to suit yourself and/or company.

  • I'm in the middle of evaluating Solarwinds as a potential NMS for device management, so from what I understand Solarwinds does not manage/own the data ingestion/compute/storage on the cloud infrastructure and it is managed by the customer itself.

    Assuming my understanding is correct then the compute/storage cost for the report scheduling/retention across platform (on prem or cloud) should be irrevalent in terms of the software behavior.  Since the report scheduling is a function in software which we would be part of the package by default what would be the max timeline which is configurable for a custom report? And even in the case of retention since all the data stored "on prem" or on the cloud would be stored against a TTL in a table for a given DB, again which would be part of the default programming logic with a certain finite boundary.It would help if there is some documentation capturing this information with the details or I will take the sales route that you mentioned.

  • what would be the max timeline which is configurable

    There may well be a maximum theoretical limit but I don't know that. I believe you are more likely to hit a logistical limit prior to that though. Our report timeline can be up to a year on certain aspects, but that dataset is aggerated into a hour / day/ month scenario based on our settings. The further out you go, the less granular the detail will be.

  • Thanks for the responses so far, would sales be able to answer the above questions or should I reach out to another forum/DL?