Node Group Availability Report for Last Week & This Week in SWQL Query

I wrote hard-edit SWQL for this month 

[data].[DisplayName] AS [Site]
, [data].[ContainerStatus].[PercentAvailability] AS [PercentAvailability]
, [data].[ContainerStatus].DateTime as [AvailabilityDate]
, AVG([data].[ContainerStatus].[PercentAvailability]) AS [AveragePercentAvailability]
, DateTrunc('Day', [data].[ContainerStatus].DateTime) as [AvailableDate]
FROM orion.groups AS data
[data].[DisplayName] LIKE '%BSNL%' AND
MONTHDIFF( DateTrunc('Month', [data].[ContainerStatus].DateTime), Getdate() ) < 1
GROUP By [data].[DisplayName]

I looking for writing Node Group Availability for Last Week & This week. I found query for last 7 days.. But I don't need that.. Please help me to upgrade my query based on my requirements. Thank you in advance..

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