Cloud Instance Report

I need a little help in creating a report for Cloud Instances that is in the Solarwinds and see if it is added as a Node.

I was able to figure out what tables and views are needed.

First is the VIM_CloudInstances and then the VIM_VirtualMachineNodes.

VIM_CloudInstances would contain all the Cloud Instances and there is a column there VirtualMachineID.

I need to cross reference that value into the VIM_VirtualMachineNodes so that the report will only show VirtualMachineID present in VIM_CloudInstances.

I hope it make sense, although I'm thinking since it is automatically added as an instance and everything would have a VirtualMachineID, does that mean it will always have a NodeID?

The desired Output is to show the Nodes of the VIM_CloudInstances with Caption and IP Address and if possible, polling Method. Thanks.

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