How to make UnDP data go sideways? (One column becoming the header and one the data under the headers)

I'm looking to take 2 UnDP tabular poller outputs and create a table that has the node caption on the far left. Then UnDP data column 1 would be the column headers for the output table. UnDP data column 2 would then follow the horizontal output from column 1. I've been attempting this using both PIVOT and PARTITION and cannot seem to get a clean table output. All columns in the data source are varchar and I'd like to keep the output that way. Closest I got was PIVOT but that turned into a count and ruined the table output.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Source Data

Caption UnDP 1 UnDP 2
Node1 Foo Yes
Node1 Bar No
Node1 Bash Maybe
Node2 Foo Yes
Node2 Bar No
Node2 Bash Kinda
Node3 Foo No
Node3 Bar Yes
Node3 Bash Sorta

Desired Output

Caption Foo Bar Bash
Node1 Yes No Maybe
Node2 Yes No Kinda
Node3 No Yes Sorta