SAM Template Polling Frequency Report

This report is handy for quickly identifying SAM templates that have a polling frequency configured for less than 300 seconds. It displays all of the current polling frequency settings for all SAM templates in your environment.

Why is this important?

The default polling frequency for SAM templates is '300' (meaning 300 seconds \ 5 minutes). When the polling frequency is less than 300 seconds the Orion Job Engine requires more compute and network resources from the poller server to run your monitoring jobs --- this is especially true for Windows WMI-based monitors. There isn't an easy way to view the SAM template settings in the web dashboard so if you need to go back into your SAM configuration to find out the polling frequencies for templates you have to view them one-by-one. This report is an alternative to having to view each template one-by-one and helps you quickly identify the polling frequency for all SAM templates in your environment.

** This is a custom SQL report and can be easily edited to your needs. You should add it manually to your environment using Report Writer.


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