License Saturation in SQL?

Hi All,

There is a Orion.LicenseSaturation table in SWQL.   Is there anything similar on the SQL tables?

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  • I totally agree.   95% of the time I use SWQL.   Sometimes I find that on more complicated queries, going through Information Service can be a bit slow and the widget timesouts.   Whenever I want the fastest speed possible, I'll go the SQL route (taking into account that it does not use account limitations among other things).

  • From a technical sense, I don't know if the information is in SQL, but my guess is that it is somewhere - unless it's buried in the file system or something even more obscure..  However finding it (or collecting it across multiple tables if you have multiple products) seems more of a pain in this case.

    I've found that if you avoid JOINS and instead use Navigation Properties my SWQL queries run quicker.  It's only by a few milliseconds for me (but I only have a small server for testing).  It might be a larger time save on larger data sets.