Scheduled Maintenance Report

I'm trying to figure out how to create a report that would show me nodes that have been scheduled for maintenance for the upcoming month.  I found a few threads that mention this, but the links to the original threads are broken or don't apply to my situation (schedules within alerts/reports).  Any help is appreciated.

Use case 1: Our circuit vendor performs maintenance on their network that impacts connectivity on our network.  We receive the vendor's schedule in advance, so we place our devices in "scheduled maintenance" mode during that same time frame.  We would like to pull a report on a regular basis that provides a list of nodes that we have set for scheduled maintenance to keep track of which parts of the country are going to be offline and when.

Use case 2: We perform maintenance on a regular basis ourselves and we place the nodes covered under the maintenance task in scheduled maintenance mode.  We would like to pull a report on a regular basis that shows which devices are covered under our maintenance tasks (kind of a double check to verify that we have everything covered.