Need a report that displays all CPU cores and their utilization

I tried putting a ticket in with technical support and they were no help, so I figured I'd try here. Maybe someone even has another idea for how I can go about this. I've been tasked with identifying what VMs have more CPUs and Memory than they utilize. My idea was to make a report that will display peak usage of CPUs for all VMs. The problem is I can only find a way to basically have all CPUs combined (this is also what tech support told me to do), but I want to have the utilization for each CPU on each VM. If it has 6 CPUs, I want to see the utilization of each CPU. This can be displayed individually by going into a node's page, so I know that info is available, it's just a matter of pulling it into a report. If that's not possible, is there some other means of doing this that doesn't require going to each VM individually? We have 70+ VMs, so going through each one would be pretty time consuming.