Report Migration Tool - Explicit conversion of datetime2 float is not allowed.

Afternoon everyone,

Since we scrambled to upgrade our Orion appliance, I am trying to migrate reports to the new webformat using the Solarwinds Report Migration Tool.  Anytime I run the 2 reports I need to migrate, I am receiving the below error.

2021-01-07 12:22:33,701 ERROR - Error while migrating report: Explicit conversion from data type datetime2 to float is not allowed.

Any ideas to help are appreciated.  SQL isn't where I lay my hat so any input would be appreciated.

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  • Thank you  .  00702547 was opened on 1/4 as a medium priority.

    I was able to recreate the majority of the data I needed with one exception, there seems to no longer be a Peak Percent Utilization field under the Interface History category, there is an Average utilization which is a piece of the puzzle for me.  

    What I attempted to do is take the Peak BPS/Bandwidth*400 to get a utilization percentage from there.  This would be a real useful field since I peak is already defined under alerts.

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