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Nodes With Empty Custom Properties

Example report for showing nodes that have priority Custom Properties not filled in. Empty values means that anywhere you are using that custom property will not be as effective because those nodes won't apply. For example, in the report we are using a CP titled "Decommissioned_Date" which we may be using in an alert. That alert won't catch any of these devices due to the field not being filled out. Use a similar report in your environment to find devices that may be escaping your filtering, alerting, other reporting, etc.



  • I use some I made called Severity and Group that are used within alerting. If they are not filled in the node won't alert because those are needed. I put two workarounds in place to prevent that. In the alerting condition you can also add If custom property = Blank (It might be Null, but you get the idea) then that still matches. Also I set up an alert that is scheduled to run once per day that looks for blank custom properties and fills them in with default values that I chose. 

  • Here are the settings for and alert to fill the properties in for you


  • Excellent ! Love it! I went back in and added screenshots, but yours definitely build on the idea!

  • I have something similar, as last time I searched this thread didn't come up ... and, I just tried this report but it complains that I need to edit the table, but SolarWInds crashes when I do, so I can't see what / where is at fault.

    So, my report, that I assembled takes a slightly different reasoning as to why we need it but I think has ultimately the same end goal. As a part of my job, I do AIS (Acceptance Into Service) work and have long wanted a means to "report" on the custom properties that the change engineers forgot to fill in. Previously, I'd fire up Custom Property Viewer, select the relevant CPs, scroll through and note which was empty/wrong/unclear and then put that in an eMail to the change engineer.

    Now, all I need to do is edit a pertinent part of the report, run and export it and send the s/s off saying - go fill in the blanks please. 9 times out of 10, the section to edit is the custom property 'client_prefix' to fit the incoming client but any of the CPs could be used if necessary.

    Report as is below. Oh, and I say "assembled by" me as it was cobbled together from looking at various others as I still have no clear clue on JOINs. :)

    -- Script to Extract BAU/AIS Details
    -- Assembled by: Stuart Dyckhoff
    -- March 2021
    -- If you are unsure what any of the CPs are for then please consult the document: "SolarWinds Compliance - Import Checklist"
    -- If the CP field can be left blank (e.g. Circuit on a switch),then for the sake of the report
    -- it can be ignored or a n/a or space entered
    -- Accepted formatting defaults for entering multiple items on the same line are:
    --             ITEM1[space][space]--[space][space]ITEM2[space][space]--[space][space]ITEM3_etc
    nd.NodeID, nd.IP_Address, nd.Caption, nd.Vendor, ncp.Client, ncp.ClientPrefix, ncp.Client_Site, ncp.Access, ncp.Accessibility, ncp.Accessibility_,
    ncp.Device__Username, ncp.Device_Password, ncp.Enable_Password, ncp.Ad_Hoc_Passwords, 
    ncp.SerialNumber, ncp.DataRoom_Rack,
    ncp.Maintenance_Provider, ncp.Maintenance_provider_Contact_Number,
    ncp.Circuit_Bandwidth, ncp.Circuit_Reference_1,  ncp.Telco,
    ncp.Node_In_BAU, ncp.Priority, ncp.Notes, 
    ncp.SNMPv3_Passwords, ncp.VPN01
    -- where are we getting this data from?
    FROM            Orion.Nodes AS nd LEFT OUTER JOIN
                    Orion.NodesCustomProperties AS ncp ON nd.NodeID = ncp.NodeID
    -- This next line is 0 = FALSE or 1 = TRUE 
    --For new clients not yet in support it needs to be set to 0
    WHERE ncp.Node_In_BAU = 0
    -- Next line simply narrows down the client but any of the CP's could be used
    -- e.g. ncp.ClientPrefix LIKE '%XX123%' to match XX123
    AND ncp.Client LIKE '%XX123%'