Report showing total disk space per server and swap/page size


Was looking for assistance creating a report that would list the server name with total disk space and then having another column that would show the page/swap file size.  I have the server names set up but am having issues with determining how to add up all of the storage into one column and the swap column.  I'd like the report to look something like this:

Server name                Total Size                 Page/Swap Size

Server01                      300GB                      5GB

Any help would be appreciated!


  • Do you have the swap space data now, if so how are you collecting that? 

    To get the total size you are going to need a custom SQL Query that adds up the space in the query.

  • Yes, what said: how are you getting the swap space? Once we know that we can help you tie the rest together.

  • I am making a couple of assumptions here, so this may not be 100% what you're looking for...

    NPM allocates a "Volume Type" which includes "Fixed Disk", "Virtual Memory" and "RAM" (they are the 3 my setup generates.) If you do a report that does a SUM on the volume size, and includes the Volume Type as a field you end up with something that is hopefully getting you in the right direction. It doesn't format exactly how you want it to, but the attached report should give you something to start from.

    Of course, it'll only include the sizes of volumes that are being monitored by NPM, so if a volume exists but you don't monitor, it won't appear in the size reported by this report.

    Volume Size by Type.OrionReport