Current Muted Alerts (v5) [SAM & NPM]


Report that shows the Current Muted Alerts and the current audit logs (showing who did the muting).

v1 - original build

v2 - added user who did the muting and Tooltip support

v3 - added local Orion server time in addition to UTC time

v4 - Fixed a 'possible' syntax error with a Join to the Audit Table

v5 - Fixed an issue with duplications occurring when a device is flipped from Muted to Unmuted and back

Tested against Core 2017.1 with NPM 12.1 and SAM 6.4

Created "filtered" reports for Current Muted Alerts for Network Devices (v5) [NPM Only] and Current Muted Alerts for Servers (v5) [SAM Only]

I can only test on a very small segment of my environment, and would appreciate any feedback.

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