How do I save a report to a shared network location

I have created a report that I need to save to a network share hourly.

1) - "pointing to the correct directory"
I have created the directory on the share (SSL VPN)
Every time the report is ran a new directory is created below the SSL VPN directory. I do not want the new directory. 

The resulting files in the new directory correct.
How do I stop the creation of the new directories?
I just need the files to be saved with a timestamp in the name, in the directory SSL VPN.

  • Worked with Support and they were able to help.

    When I created directory I used a space in the name of the directory. "SSL VPN" .  I removed the space and all worked as needed.

  • This is the the detail how to add the Action for scheduled Reports as " Configure Action Save to Disk"

    Example for template fields

    Configure Action Save to Disk

    Name of action: Save to Disk

    Network Share Location: \\Host-123\Reports   (Note: if is an incorrect path, it will be marked with Red)

    Retrieve a Printable Version of Reports: <CheckMark>

    User Name: User01

    Password: ***********

    Test Credentials - Test and will show Test Successful

    File Type: Select all or one (PDF, CSV EXCEL)

    Save Changes and continue

    Important Notes:

    Network Shared Location, is the shared Folder were you have access, and where the administrator of the node has shared a folder and permissions as WRITE.

    How to share a Folder. This information is available at the Windows or Linux Documentation

    Usually you select a Folder > Give access To - Specific People > Provide access Level (It should have Write access)

    and once action is displayed, you can see the Network Path, as \\Host-123\Reports (is an example).

    Important notes:

    The report will be saved on the format 

    Report Name + Date.  Format type as HTMK or CSV or XLSX.

    If the file is received blank/empty, Look on  for Options on troubleshoot

    Save to File is an option where sending an Email is not an option

    or to have a repository of reports.

    I hope this will help.

    Search Word Keys:

    Reports Configure Action Save to Disk

    Module Orion 2020.2.6