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How to create a report for max transmit/receive bps that combines multiple interfaces into one logical interface?

I'm working on a report that shows the peak transmit/receive bps for a total of 10 interfaces. Ultimately, these 10 interfaces should be regarded as one logical interface with their total values all added together. The total transmit/receive bps on these interfaces should be regarded as one sum and their peak values recorded for use in an NPM report. I've been able to accomplish the charted version of this using the Custom Charts widget. Here's what I have so far. The "Sum" value represents the data that I'd like to pull down in a report:


To get a very granular view of the data, I've set the detailed statistics polling on each interface to 1 minute, and the data looks great on the above chart. However, I'm lost when trying to translate this same capability into a scheduled report. Is there a way for SolarWinds to attach a custom property to specific interfaces so that it treats them as one logical interface and adds their values together? If not, can I somehow pull data for all 10 interfaces and then use the report to aggregate the sum total of the transmit/receive bps?

Thanks as always for the guidance.

  • Yeah you can do that how you described.  Set a custom property, select all interfaces where property is 'X' and then when you get to the part where you pick the columns I'd just go to the interface traffic history category and select total bytes received/transmitted or whatever other metrics you need from the historical stats.  Make sure the aggregation is set to sum and you should basically be all set.  It will find all the interfaces that match whatever filter you set and sum up their traffic across whatever duration of time you set the report to show.



  • This worked great, thank you as always for your time and knowledge. I created a custom property named "Report_Filter" with the custom properties editor (Success Center ) and assigned it to my 10 interfaces, and gave them an appropriate value for the custom property. Because I'm using 1 minute for the detailed polling statistics and not summarizing any of the data, I'm receiving the desired output: