Report all monitored elements

Hi All.

Is there any way to produce a report that lists what elements are monitored on what nodes?
I need to produce lists of every element on every node.

            -Volume C
            -Custom app mon 1
            -Custom app mon 2
            -etc, etc


  • In SQL joining all these different kinds tables with different kinds of things on them can be kind of a mess with a lot of the data duplicating in columns, but this should get you the raw info you asked for as a custom swql query.

    It would be possible to clean this up and make the output a lot nicer but it is going to take some SQL wizardry.


    n.Caption as [Node]


    when max(cpu.maxload) is null then 'No'

    when max(cpu.maxload) is not null then 'Yes'

    end as [CPU]


    when max(cpu.totalmemory) is null then 'No'

    when max(cpu.totalmemory) is not null then 'Yes'

    end as [Memory]

    , v.caption as [Volumes]

    , i.ifname as [Interfaces]

    , as [Applications]

    FROM Orion.Nodes n

    left join orion.volumes v on v.nodeid=n.nodeid

    left join orion.npm.interfaces i on i.nodeid=n.nodeid

    left join Orion.CPULoad cpu on cpu.nodeid=n.nodeid

    left join Orion.APM.Application a on a.nodeid=n.nodeid

    group by n.nodeid, n.Caption, v.caption, i.ifname,

    order by nodeid



    -Marc Netterfield

        Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

  • Marc,

    This is a great report, thank you for posting it over 5 years ago...

    Alas I have not needed it until now when doing a Health Check, on a SolarWinds Environment (NPM, NCM,  SAM, NTA, VMAN and DPAIM v2020.2.5) with currently only the Main Poller with  nearly 14,000 Elements currently being Monitored.

    Before I recomend an Additional Poller, I am wanting to verfy how many of the Elements currently enabled for Monitoring can be  un-Monitored.

    I have already identified the Null or Loop Back Interfaces being less than < 600 Elements.

    When running this SWQL Reeport, I am currenlly getting +130 to the +13,500 Elements on the Polling Engines Page.

    Is it safe to assume that the +130 Elements within the report are duplice lines?

    If so, can you please advise what we need to do to the Report?

    When adding 'SELECT DISTINCT' it appers that ther are some items that need to be added to the Group By clause.

    We will look forward to your feedback.

    Thank you in advance for your support helping me resolve this issue.

    In the meantime I will be checking for Duplicate Lines using Excel.

    Kind Regards,


    DC4 Networks

  • The Excel Highlight Duplicate Cells, did not work as expected;-(

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