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Creating a user with API rights only to Orion.Events table


I have some API calls that read and write to Orion.Events table, but for now am using an account with admin rights.

Is there a way to create a user the least privileges, I just need to have read and write rights to only Orion.Events table?


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  • My use case is:

    1. Inserting new records on Orion.Events table using POST request to:
    2. Reading from Orion.Events table using GET request from:
      ORION-IP:17778/.../Query EventTime,Message FROM Orion.Events where EventType = XXXX or EventType = XXXX ORDER BY EventTime ASC;"
    3. Reading from Orion.AlertHistory table using GET request from:
      ORION-IP:17778/.../Query TOP 10 TimeStamp, Message FROM Orion.AlertHistory where (AlertObjectID = XXXX or AlertObjectID = XXXX )  order by TimeStamp desc