Can you link to a table outside of the Orion schema using SWQL

Can you link to a table outside of the Orion schema using SWQL

  • if you are about a native SQL table, the answer is no.  We can only connect to tables (entities) that are pre-defined.  What are you trying to accomplish with this?

  • I have data in an external database which when used in a query will tell me how many devices are 'complient'. this number needs to go on a dashboard. Using SQL I can calculate the number and show it on a classic view but that's "not colourful enough". Modern dashboards don't support SQL. It didn't look like swql could access anything outside the predefined schema but I thought it was worth asking. 

  • You could (this is a little outside the norm) have a sync process that populates custom properties with the data.  That sync would be outside the SolarWinds Platform, but it's on way of getting the data into a place that SWQL could manage.

  • Just trying to think out of the box here, if you own SAM you could run your SQL query from there against your external database and retrieve the results. Those results would be available to use for your dashboard resource. 

    There is also the Custom HTML option which you could make as pretty as you wish in the HTML code. We use that one quite a bit. 

  • Should you decide to try the Custom HTML widget there is a security setting you may need to adjust. Read up on it before changing it so you know the security risk. 

    You will need to access to the Advanced Configuration page which is this URL, replacing the words in caps with your server name.


    Then disable this checkbox

    Then your page will load correctly. 

  • Scripting can be powerful.. I do this for data that is "attached" to the nodes etc. where I can and justifies its own custom property (or in some cases I have a text custom property that serves many purposes in various automation..) Basically use scheduled tasks that run PowerShell scripts.

    It doesn't work in scenarios where the data can't be "attached" to a node / entity easily if at all.

  • I like the idea to use SAM as well as the custom HTML widget (which gets me wishing of more parity between classic maps/views and the modern maps/views.)

    Looks like the SQL Server User Experience component only returns a single numeric value, with a 2nd row for a message. That'd be very troublesome (or unusable) with larger datasets.

    Sorry I guess just playing devil's advocate here and thinking the possible options, partly because I'm kind of curious about them!