What are the possible values that may appear in the "Critical" field of the "Orion.APM.Application" table?

  • I'm not seeing a critical field in that entity.

    SELECT TOP 1000 [App].ApplicationID
          , [App].Name
          , [App].DisplayName
          , [App].NodeID
          , [App].ApplicationTemplateID
          , [App].UnManaged
          , [App].UnManageFrom
          , [App].UnManageUntil
          , [App].Created
          , [App].LastModified
          , [App].ID
          , [App].DetailsUrl
          , [App].FullyQualifiedName
          , [App].ComponentOrderSettingLevel
          , [App].CustomApplicationType
          , [App].HasCredentials
          , [App].Description
          , [App].Status
          , [App].StatusDescription
          , [App].Image
          , [App].Uri
          , [App].PrimaryGroupID
          , [App].InstanceType
          , [App].InstanceSiteId
    FROM Orion.APM.Application AS [App]

    Are you talking about the StatusDescription field?  Those come from the Orion.StatusInfo entity.

    They are shown in more detail in this Modern Dashboard you can import.

  • It is critical I get it right or I will wipe out the files on a robot and cause. Error message: "Entity Orion.APM.Application is hosted by entity Orion.
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