How to query the data in milliseconds

I have the below query which gets the output in microseconds , is there any way we can get the data in milliseconds please help me to customize\

SELECT [Nodes].Caption , [Nodes].PercentMemoryUsed AS [PercentMemoryUsed_MostRecent] , [Nodes].CPULoad AS [CPULoad_MostRecent] , [Nodes].CPULoadHistory.ObservationTimestamp , [Nodes].CPULoadHistory.AvgLoad , [Nodes].CPULoadHistory.AvgPercentMemoryUsed , [Nodes].Status , [Nodes].LastBoot , [Nodes].DetailsUrl FROM Orion.Nodes AS [Nodes] WHERE ( Caption LIKE '%SULT%' OR Caption LIKE '' ) -- the Date filter AND [Nodes].CPULoadHistory.ObservationTimestamp >= GETDATE() - 3 ORDER BY [Nodes].Caption , [Nodes].CPULoadHistory.ObservationTimestamp DESC
Output as below :
  • You want to convert ObservationTimestamp from microseconds to milliseconds?  Can I ask why you want the lesser precision?

    If you don't care that it'll be stored as a string, you can just do:

    SubString(ToString([RT].ObservationTimestamp), 1, 23) AS [TimestampToMilliseconds]