Dashboard of Different Custom Monitors

Greetings -

The server patching team is looking for a dashboard or dashboards to display some custom SAM monitors that monitor services to tell if they are up or down. 

We have an issue where we patch our SQL nodes and when they come backup up some of the SQL services are not started and that causes some issues with SQL.  I put together a SQL services monitor that monitors SQL Server Agent, SQL Server Service, and SQL Server VSS writer on all of our SQL nodes.  This is a bit of a starting point and we will be adding additional service monitors once we ID what services we need to monitor. 

Can I put together a dashboard of different monitors so the patching team can have this up when they are patching to verify that everything came up successfully?  This can be a classic or modern dashboard I am looking to put something together for this.  Ideally if someone can point me in the right direction I can start running with this once I know where to begin.