Assign Device Studio poller for CPU&Memory via script

Hello all,
we would like to assign community poller 'Cisco ASR devices' for CPU&Memory to specific models (using monitored MIBs) via script, but Orion Support wrote me it is not possible (only manually within GUI).

I found discussion
where the poller is inserted/updated in appropriate table via direct SQL query.

But although it is then listed in GUI properly, I still see in the Pollers table, that the default poller 'N.Memory.SNMP.CiscoAsr' is also still enabled.

Are you aware of any possible way how to achieve it properly?

I can run SQL query to disable the default poller in Pollers table alongside the update of DeviceStudio pollers, but I don't know where else it can be linked/used.
And of course that direct SQL modification can be very dangerous.

Thank you a lot