SWQL Studio PowerControlUnit BasicBatteryStatus, LastFailCause, OutputStatus, and ReplaceIndicator

In SWQL Studio Cortex.Orion.PowerControlUnit shows the string elements PowerControlUnit BasicBatteryStatus, LastFailCause, OutputStatus, and ReplaceIndicator have all been deprecated and replaced with integer fields with similar field names with a _Value suffix.  So I'm assuming that if I create a report for PowerControlUnits I shouldn't be using the deprecated fields. In my report I would most certainly want to include the string value, not an integer.  However I can't find a lookup or crosswalk table to match up integer values with their corresponding string representation.  Does such a table exist?



  • The first place I check for any status information is Orion.StatusInfo.  It has dozens of possible status elements and appears (as of Orion 2020.2.6) to be authoritative.

  • Thanks KMSigma. That's actually the first place I checked, but unfortunately there are no Status records in that table for the PCU status for ReplaceIndicator, BasicBatteryStatus, and LastFailCause.  For example, a BasicBatteryStatus with a value of 2 is "BatteryNormal", where a value of 2 in the Orion.StatusInfo table is "Down".

  • OK - you got me on that one.  I mean, I'm seeing Battery things in the Orion.StatusInfo table (notably 32 and 44 and a few others that look to apply to PCU/UPS).

     There might be some magic behind the scenes to which I'm not privy.  I don't personally have any UPS's where I can look up this information and do a cross-compare of the data.

    In the Cortex.Orion.PowerControlUnit entity, there seems to be a few inherited fields (StatusDescription, StatusIconHint, StatusLED) - do those show any information in your case?