Where in SWQL I can see trap information?

Hello community,

Currently my main issue is that I need to find a trap message to massage it before it is sent via e-mail. So, having said that my focus right now is finding the table trough the SWQL Studio that contains the Trap information.

Unfortunately when I access Orion by using my SW admin credentials, Orion.Traps and Orion.TrapVarbinds don't have any data but if I access to the SQL database via SQL client I can see data on the SolarWindsOrionLog schema/database the information is there or on the Solarwinds Console I can see historical information on traps. I was wondering if I am looking at the wrong place or maybe there is anything else to do in order to see data.


Running the below query, it returns 0 rows:

SELECT TOP 1000 TrapID, EngineID, DateTime, IPAddress, Community, Tag, Acknowledged, Hostname, NodeID, TrapType, ColorCode, TimeStamp, ObservationSeverity, Message
FROM Orion.Traps

Top Replies

  • You'd have to send it back to Orion as a Trap or Syslog and then start processing it all over from scratch. 

    Yeah - I misunderstood the ultimate goal.  I thought you wanted to send this from Orion to something else.  What you are describing is internal processing.

    This sounds more like a feature request for Log Analyzer.