Where in SWQL I can see trap information?

Hello community,

Currently my main issue is that I need to find a trap message to massage it before it is sent via e-mail. So, having said that my focus right now is finding the table trough the SWQL Studio that contains the Trap information.

Unfortunately when I access Orion by using my SW admin credentials, Orion.Traps and Orion.TrapVarbinds don't have any data but if I access to the SQL database via SQL client I can see data on the SolarWindsOrionLog schema/database the information is there or on the Solarwinds Console I can see historical information on traps. I was wondering if I am looking at the wrong place or maybe there is anything else to do in order to see data.


Running the below query, it returns 0 rows:

SELECT TOP 1000 TrapID, EngineID, DateTime, IPAddress, Community, Tag, Acknowledged, Hostname, NodeID, TrapType, ColorCode, TimeStamp, ObservationSeverity, Message
FROM Orion.Traps

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  • You'd setup a rule in Global Preprocessing rules.

    They get processed before things in the other parts.

    If you want to do something with it before it gets to Orion, then you'd need to put a server between the sender and the Orion server.  Many customers use Kiwi Syslog Server (which can also handle traps) for something like this.