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SDK 101 - walk me through a change/delete please?

So, first up... we have a LAB server so I can destroy it as much as I want... and as we are getting more and more pressured to automate, automate, automate I now need to start looking at how to do things, via a script. Then I can test on the LAB server before deploying for real.

One of our common issues is that we get engineers that just don't pay attention, and when they add new nodes to monitor they include lots of stuff we don't care about. This primarily happens on 3rd party kit where we have an SNMP view - so we don't care about the CPU, RAM, storage locations, etc as one hopes all our 3rd parties have their own monitoring solution which keeps tabs on these.

So a basic clean up script would entail going off and finding all nodes that have the following in them and delete them.

Anybody want to take a stab at helping a n00b in this area?