SWQL Study Group for the complete novice - thoughts?

Just throwing this out there and wondering ...

My coding skills are pretty much non-existent. I have been a hardware guy all my life and just when I think I've got a handle on something and create a new query which subsequently doesn't work I get all deflated. So off I go a Googling and a Thwacking trying to see if someone has already built that wheel before. And frequently I find the answer to that is yes, they have; only it was so long ago that things have changed and the script is so far from usable / working that I'm back at the start again.

Anyway ...

My point is, I wonder if there is any merit in a SWQL Study Group to help learn this stuff from the ground up.

I've no idea if it would work; who would run it (combined effort / self led / experienced friendly coder?); structure or anything... but maybe a few like minded code n00bs, could find someplace/someway to form a self help learning group.


Especially if you are like me and want in on a group like this?

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  • Marc - that course would be perfect and I'm trying to get it sorted this end (new financial year coming up real soon so who knows) but last I spoke with L1 UK was that the course is available only has a remote course run by their USA counterparts.

    The remote part is not an issue so long as interaction is a go - what isn't feasible is starting a course at 16:00 my time when that is my end of day :) - and as we foster kids I need to have my downtime to help my wife.

    As to the offer of leading a session or two then I will bear that in mind, and the odd late day I can accommodate.

    But so far the only responses I've had are from folks that know the stuff - I need more folks like me to make it viable!

  • There are other partners offering this kind of help in your area.  Prosperon is on that operates mostly in the UK.  There are a few others out there.  The nice part about services like these is that they can work with you and your dataset, not a sample one, so whatever you do is more in line with what you'll need to do in the future.

  • Thanks Kevin - I'll have to see if our training provider works with Prosperon...

    In the meantime, another THWACK'ster and I are meeting via Teams next week to start and see what can be done to assist me.