Looking for a example or help on how to update worldmap (lat.lon) via powershell and swis

The only example I have seen is a PERL example.  Looking for something similar but using PowerShell.  I plan on combining that with a few other parts I already created.  In the end I plan to create groups with a dynamic query.  Then select the InstanceId once the group is created and update the worldmap (lat\lon) so I can autogenerate the world map with our 400-500 locations.  

props = {

        'Instance': 'Orion.Nodes',

        'InstanceId': 343,

        'Latitude': 38.889963929167,

        'Longitude': -77.027206420898


    results = swis.create('Orion.WorldMap.Point', **props)

Thanks in advance if anyone can help out.

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