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Clear Orion.AlertSuppression table


I managed to mute alerts using SwisPowershell but when I check the Orion.AlertSuppression table, I still see the suppressions that have expired. Does it clear itself after some time, or do I have to manually resume the alerts to only have the active suppressions?

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  • Honestly, I am not certain what the expected behaviour is for the Orion.AlertSuppression entity but will run this down to find out. Are you seeing any unexpected behaviour with the muting of alerts that leads to this question?

  • Thank you. No I am not having an issue, at least now. But it makes it difficult to see which alerts are suppressed, or will be suppressed. I can imagine that after some time, it becomes unmanageable.

  • When muting alerts with a schedule, the entries remain in the Orion.AlertSuppression after the SupressUntill date has passed. Clicking Resume Alerts (Unmute)  on a node, with or without an end date, will clear the entry. The option to unmute is not possible after the end date. For now, it seems this behaviour is consistent with what you are seeing unless this is cleared automatically for me in the next 24 hours. 

  • There's a bit of a lag that I find in clearing the suppression table after scheduled maintenance time ends. If it ends at say 2pm, at 3pm entries are still there, though are not acting as muted. They do eventually clear but I just haven't had time to sit and dig into when and what might be clearing them. I'm thinking maybe they clean up next day or as part of DB maintenance but like I said way down on my list.