How to make UDT port reset ProCurve friendly?

I have a large network of ArubaOS switches. For those unfamiliar with ProCurve, shutdown/enable on a port does not constitute a full reset of port including PoE. The UDT AdminstrativeShutdown and Administrative enable scripts only pass shut/no shut commands when what I really need is shut/no power/power/no shut. Can I use the SDK to modify the commands sent? Am I stuck developing a whole new app utilizing py scripts to interact with REST? I’d really like to not reinvent the wheel if possible and I must find a solution for my field techs to simply perform this action without having switch access directly. This is an offline silo device network.

  • Could you not use the 'job' functionality built in to SolarWinds?

    So long as they can edit the job within SolarWinds then, from what I understand of your ask, they can edit that job to run at a set time and change the device (node) and interfaces as necessary.

    You then just create the base script for them to edit. A Cisco one would look something like:

  • Honestly I think you just spoke a different language to me lol. I’ve not heard of before what you are referring to as ‘job’ function. When I put this question in a support ticket I was basically told to pound sand. Slight smile

    This isn’t a regular reset I’m looking for though. I need my camera system field techs to be able to utilize the port reset feature that shuts down power as well. Don’t know why ProCurve does it differently but Cisco seems to turn everything off with a simple shut command.

    Id love to know more detail on this if your willing. Understand I am a month into learning Python and have not really customized SW in the scripting aspect before. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

  • If you are learning Python then good on you and you are ahead of me.

    What I was referring to is the 'job' option in the menu system of NPM - it dawns on me that if you don't have NCM, then you won't have this.

    If you have NCM, then look at: My Dashboards > NCM > Jobs and if you have this, then take a look at creating a job and adding your Procurve shut / no shut commands there. It is there that the techs (if access is granted) would go and edit which interface.

    If you have that, then we can talk more - if not, then sorry, you are outside of my skill set.