Interface input and out put utilization report, swql query is needed for selected interface(not need for loop back and tunnel interface that are being monitoring)

Can some one help us that we need interface input and output utilization SWQL query needed for selected interface that are being monitoring .

  • So we run several reports like this.

    Build a new custom chart report and have the logic along these lines.

    In the first popup change the 'I want to report on' to interface, then add your condition similar to the following:

     - not quite sure why this report has an AND and an OR with only one condition but it does work :) The 'number' is the interface ID which can be got from your DB or by clicking on the interface in NPM and observing the digits at the end (e.g. //YOUR_SERVER/Orion/Interfaces/InterfaceDetails.aspx?NetObject=I:37454)

    Once added, it should take you into the 'Edit Table' section. Simply 'Add Data Series' (i.e. you pick what data you want to show) according to the layout you want. Make sure to select a relevant sample interval according to how you have set your polling interval and then submit/preview as necessary.

    Rinse and repeat for as many interfaces as you want.

    If you'd prefer a table rather than a graph then select custom table for the new report.