Recommended Dev tool for Orion web?

Team members beginning to work with the HTML module in NPM to modify color and font for consoles.  

Starting to work more seriously with HTML styles, etc. for web console.

Does SolarWinds have a web development tool in the SDK, or possibly a recommended 3rd part web development tool for working in Orion HTML?

  • We don't have anything "official" for modifying the web pages.  Mostly because the HTML in the pages is subject to change on new releases.  In fact, when you run the configuration wizard(with Website checked), it'll revert any of your changes.  What specifically are you trying to do within the Orion platform?  There may be a better, alternative, solution.

  • We are trying to make it easier for our users to see the information in a NOC View on a large monitor. The default widgets text sizes are too small for it to be readable from a far away distance. Modern dashboards would have been perfect to display information using the KPI widgets, but we realized that we cannot use modern dashboards after looking through the forums. 

    We have found workarounds to this by using the Google Charts JavaScript library inside the Custom HTML Widget for Classic Dashboards. We are able to create tables and charts and adjust the text fonts and table colors accordingly how we please, but the Custom HTML widget fails to load if there is an error within the HTML code. Thus we would require to use developers tool to get feedback on what went wrong with loading the HTML widget. 

    This led to this question if there are any official solutions or web development tools that can help us troubleshoot Custom HTML Widgets more efficiently or achieve our original goal of making the classic dashboards easier to read.