update password in orion.credential of APM credentialtype SolarWinds.APM.Common.Credentials.ApmUsernamePasswordCredential

We want toupdate password in orion.credential of APM credentialtype SolarWinds.APM.Common.Credentials.ApmUsernamePasswordCredential  using Solarwind API.

As I'm not able to update password in Orion.Credentials of credentialtype => SolarWinds.APM.Common.Credentials.ApmUsernamePasswordCredential .

I can update password of credentialtype => SolarWinds.Orion.Core.SharedCredentials.Credentials.UsernamePasswordCredentialWithContent,

refer link :-


  • That's correct; I don't believe it is possible to update credentials of type SolarWinds.APM.Common.Credentials.ApmUsernamePasswordCredential via the API at this point in time.  The screenshot below shows the Object explorer in SWQL Studio.  It's expanded to show Orion.Credential under Orion.  The pink nodes represent the SWIS verbs for Orion.Credential.  They allow you to update credentials for SNMP and username/password, but not for the type you're interested in.

  • Thanks for the reply @dan_jagnow. Do you know where are password tables for this? Because in the old version there is table Cortex.Orion.UsernamePasswordCredential and Cortex.Orion.SnmpCredential but it's not in the new version showing.