How can I find a single value in the PropertyValue column in the ActionProperties table in the Orion DB?

Probably a simple question, but I haven't quite gotten the hang of navigating the Orion Database, and I'm in a pinch.

I have a user who needs to be removed from ANY and ALL alerts he is a part of. 

I inherited this SolarWinds environment and it is fairly large. (There are about 1200 unique "send an email/page" actions in Alert Manager)

Since I don't know what alerts he is included in, and only know the email address used in the alerts, I figured I could query the DB in order to easily find which alerts he is included in. 

The problem I'm running into is this. I am not sure how to query the DB in a way that will return the rows that I'm looking for. 

since all of the alerts he is included in have other recipients as well, I'm not sure how to word it so that it looks for the specific email out of a list like,,, 

what I was trying to do is execute the query: 
Where PropertyName = 'EmailTo' and PropertyValue = ''

When I do that it comes back with 0 results since the cell has not only that email, but others as well

  • If you look at several of the alerts logic/criteria, you may find that there is a custom property or a specific record related to each device that may point you to where they located contact info.  Once you find out where, then you can work on altering that record.

    As a recommendation, put a little bread crumb in each alert that tells you what generated the alert notification.  Could be the name of the alert or even come up with your own string of characters denoting type of alert, whether device or app, etc.  This allows you to quickly find what created the email.

  • SWQL supports the LIKE keyword, so you should be able to change the condition for PropertyValue to something like this:

    and PropertyValue LIKE ''

  • This is exactly what I was looking for! I just tried it and it does just what I was hoping it would

    I had tried using LIKE but failed to use the % on either side of what I was looking for. 

    This is going to save me a big headache. Thanks!