How to enable SolarWinds Orion API

I have not used REST API before, we are trying to set up the SolarWinds API in to a centralized dashboard tool (Squared Up). We do have SolarWinds dashboarding configured but this is mostly for the network team, 

I have configured an account which will be used with "Basic Authentication". When trying to browse to http://<Server FQDN>:17777/Orion/InformationService/v3/Json/query

The page can't be reached.

This happens when I am using my laptop, or directly from the Orion Server.
I have checked the port 17777 is allowed inbound and outbound but don't know why this page fails to load even from the server.

Am I using the incorrect address?

I contacted support and I was advised to post on here for assistance as it is outside of support bounds.

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