SWQL, Combining Status from multiple nodes


I have a task to get and report on the status of multiple VCenter's located at different sites. For example, site1 may have three VCentre's:

>> imaginiativeName0
>> imaginativeName1
>> imaginativeName2

If the status of all three is OK, or Up, the overall status is OK. If the status is Warning, then the overall status should also be Warning. However, the status should only be critical when all Vcenter's have a critical status

I am using the following query to grab the information:

>> SELECT vc.Name, vc.Status, vc.IPAddress FROM orion.VIM.VCenters vc

Top Replies

  • , what you are describing is a perfect use case for containing these 3 vCenter's into a group and then using SWQL to display that group. If you do it this way then SolarWinds will do all the status…