Can we change the cpu or memory threshold via rest api call


we want to list the all of nodes and then list of all cpu and memory thresholds for them.

after that we want to override the cpu or memory thresholds by using rest api calls.

is it possible ?

  • I don't think the changing of the thresholds is in the public API currently.

    I think the information to report from is located at:

    SELECT TOP 1000 EntityType, InstanceId, ThresholdType, ThresholdOperator, Name, CurrentValue, Level1Value, Level1Formula, IsLevel1State, Level2Value, Level2Formula, IsLevel2State, GlobalWarningValue, GlobalCriticalValue, WarningPolls, WarningPollsInterval, CriticalPolls, CriticalPollsInterval, WarningEnabled, CriticalEnabled, DisplayName, Description, InstanceType, Uri, InstanceSiteId
    FROM Orion.NodesThresholds

    I might be wrong though. If I am correct, I don't see a method there, and the last time I saw people think about this was:

    You may be able to hit the database and do it, and maybe somebody else on the forum knows a way that I missed.