Periodic socket timeout with Orion SDK

We receive the "socket connection was aborted" message when using the SWQL studio and the Orion SDK via PowerShell.
We believe this is occasionally causing issues with the commands executing correctly.

If this happens when we are manually running the commands, we can run the command a second time and it will execute successfully.

Can someone help with why this is occurring?  How can the timeout be changed?

  • As long as I've been using Orion's api it has been the case that the sessions time out after I believe 2 minutes.  They renew themselves automatically when in use, so i tend to batch things up in my scripts so i don't get big periods of time when I expect to be doing something outside of orion after I establish my session.  In cases where I have to do that I just embed a fresh connect-swis command at the start of the new code block to ensure I always have a fresh session.

    Not sure that there's an option to extend the timeout, but i never tried to dig for one.